Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why "21 Jump Street" could be the comedy of the year

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21 Jump Street

I must say, we are surprised at the successful first critical acclaim gained by "21 Jump Street" after its world premiere at South by Southwest Film Festival. We expected a further example of a crude remake pulling the action comedy always glib and yet what we've found is a hilarious comedy capable of subverting the codes of gender jaded and high school to provide one of the great (and irreverent ) revelations of the year, which we confirmed by both Variety and The New York Times, Screen, The Hollywood Reporter or as our friends at The Playlist, who not only give an A, have had the details entertain us with 10 reasons why " 21 Jump Street "could be the comedy of the year. The first is aimed at the nostalgic "Youth Police" are all safe, Johnny Depp flies to pieces.



1. No wasted time 

 very rapidly develops its characters and dives headlong into the plotThe logical thing would be to advocate a principle in every film by the story and character development... but there is always the exception that proves the rule, and in this case, the exception is called "21 Jump Street." The script has written by Michael Bacall as a result of a plot conceived by Jonah Hill, opens fire with a concise ten minutes quietly could be summarized in one line "Will you be my friend?": The first meeting between the two characters awake one clear common interest in the brain of one and the other physical. What follows is a hilarious assembly ultra fast of your training at the Academy, and his first steps as a rookie cop. During his second act hiremos filling small holes in their beginning, meanwhile, Bacall and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller decides to embark fully in the plot and comedy.

2. A dash light and satisfying

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21 Jump Street
These first ten minutes are a good indicator of what the film aspires to offer eventually: unusually for most modern comedies, there is excessive fat out of your body, even in the best comedies made in Apatow as "Funny People" or "Bridesmaids", your footage is seems excessive and even slow at various times. Luckily, this is not the case of "21 Jump Street" and how much they deviate from time to time, are digressions that are not at all lenient, and generally, these small deviations are focused on achieving a higher purpose in terms creation of character or plot. There is a touch of sequences Bacall as conceived is clearly reminiscent of the films of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, something not surprising given that Bacall co-wrote "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World."

3. A brilliant and hilarious car chase sequence

The easiest way to conceive of "21 Jump Street" would, no doubt, immersing himself in the pure action, accompanied with spectacular explosions while Tatum and Hill are releasing a joke after another. However, the film prefers to make fun of the genre, being also able to offer the best action scenes subverting all convention when the moment requires. This is the case a chase after a gang of bikers through a highway in which the duo realize their careers are not exactly as dreamed and showed them on TV. This is how a scene of pure action becomes a showcase hilarious comic style closer to "Looney Tunes".

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