Sunday, April 22, 2012

Darling Companion: Kasdan and recovered to lose a dog
Darling Companion

After nearly a decade that should have happened dedicated to transcendental meditation, Lawrence Kasdan returns to direct a film: Darling Companion, which just released its first trailer. No wonder that it was one of the screenwriters of films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, The return of the Jedi or The Bodyguard, or director of other smaller commercial circulation but widely recognized by critics as Body Heat, The Accidental Tourist or Wyatt Earp, would take so long to release new film. No doubt, the immense effort that must involve the making of a film of the unusual features of Dream catcher should cause a whole identity crisis.
Darling Companion
Anyway, has spared no effort in his return as an impressive cast of Oscar winners or candidates has surrounded it. Of course, if the younger audience should not have any clue what gave him the work of Mr. Kasdan film, as they do not have much idea who these ladies and gentlemen as old. In all likelihood recognize nominee Richard Jenkins for The Visitor, which could be seen recently in films like Eat Pray Love, Let Me In, Hall Pass or Friends with Benefits, but equally have little idea of who may be Sam Shepard, who was nominated for an Oscar for The Right Staff whose last film appearances have been more staggered also less popular titles like The Assassination of Jesse James, Brothers, Fair Game or Blackthorn.

Another thing is those that have won an Oscar, as Diane Keaton, who gathered for Annie Hall, being nominated three other times, Diane Wiest, who even for characters of distribution, gathering two, one for Hannah and her Sisters and Bullets over Broadway by another, or Kevin Kline, who also won his Supporting Actor for A Fish Called Wanda. Joining them will be Elisabeth Moss, who may recognize from the television series Mad Men and that could be seen on the big screen in recent headlines like Did You Hear about the Morgan's? Or the Greek Get Him you, and Mark Duplass, who can remember titles such as Greenberg.
Darling Companion

Writer as well as director of the film, Lawrence Kasdan brings the story of Beth, whom is a scruffy stray dog wandering near a highway. Dealing with a distracted and preoccupied husband own affairs consul, Beth will create a special bond with the rescued dog. The problem arises when, after a wedding, Joseph, her husband, lost the dog in their vacation home in the Rocky Mountains. Beth drags in the search of the dog a few wedding guests had not yet gone, including a mysterious young woman. Each of the members of this impromptu rescue team will be affected by this adventure that takes them in unexpected directions. It may not even very exciting script. Nor is that it is a very attractive trailer. I would rather say that this is another of the director of clunkers punctures as large as Grand Cannyon.

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