Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spy film "Safe House" Caretaker Temptation

In Daniel Espinosa's thriller, "Safe House" Denzel Washington does a CIA spy, traitor, and a blue-eyed youth under his wing. A film that puts his deep targets and thereby hits the mark.

So young and already on the siding. Matt Weston
(Ryan Reynolds) thought of the great career, as he best trained top shape and the U.S. secret service hired. Enemies of the state hunt, secret operations plan, something like that. Is a well secured building, where you hide witnesses or prisoners, surveys and undisturbed water boarding - instead, he sits in Cape Town and played the janitor in a CIA-operated safe house. However, this is not true for the branch in Cape Town, because there is not much going on with public enemies and secret operations. Why young spy Matt has not to do more than occasionally on the phone with the head office to check the functioning of the security cameras, and butt against the wall to stare. Sometimes he plays with a ball

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One could now argue that there are worse things than to eke out his life with well-paid idleness in beautiful sunshine, but Matt still has ideals. He also has a pretty blond girlfriend, whom he may from his job; of course, say anything, what is even more frustrating because it is so telling about anything.

But at some point, it will ring some of the safe-house door: a bunch of agents brings the infamous ex-CIA spy Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington). He has alienated his former employer, as he has betrayed secrets to North Korea, and has since tried his luck as a freelance criminal. A big fish. Also, he has enriched with top-secret knowledge chip under the skin, which could bring many important people in distress.

Finally something going on. Even though Matt at interrogation and torture light may only watch. But a little later on a hit squad runs the store and turn off all the CIA people who comes into his own: He grabs Frost and piles. Away from the killers on their way to the saving arms of the CIA. Perhaps the saving is not so, because somebody must have put the killers so, where frost is spent. Conspiracy! Even better.

It is not hard to guess what comes next. Wild chase through the city, worried-looking CIA grandee (Brendan Gleeson, Vera Farmiga, Sam Shepard), and two unequal heroes who are from enemies to allies. In between, a little love story. "Safe House" by the Chilean-Swedish director Daniel Espinosa (noticed especially with the solid thriller "Easy Money" from last year) is a well-oiled agents sauce with no big surprises, and - apart from a small pro-WikiLeaks gesture-without much news.
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No problem as long as it does not get boring. The fact that this happens hardly lies mainly in Denzel Washington, who appeared in the role of aging agent veterans with an earring and questionable morals had the pleasure of his life, and savors his Am-I-evil-and yet-very-nice game so much that one cannot help but to rejoice with him. Reynolds carries the other hand, in moderation, but can be distracted with his doe eyes at least part of the audience of small logical hangers. There are a few unusually successful action sequences like the chase in a crowded football stadium and a township shooting.

There may be much more exciting films of this kind. The whole "Jason Bourne" series, for example, or the last two Bond films. For a nice Saturday night with some popcorn, there are also a little better. "Safe House" sets the bar low and leaps over loose. As you can calmly say bravo.

Safe House. Start: 23.2. Directed by Daniel Espinosa. With Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Vera Farmiga.

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