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Ice Age: Continental Drift

In the movie American Summer came back CG Anime Series also popular here. And four bullet of the series, the power-up is 3D "Ice Age: Continental Drift".

The stage of the Ice Age series, Mammoth Manny Sid Diego who, of sloth, saber-Tiger to be active. This is a new adventure unfolds as aiming the New World aboard the ice.

Music by John Powell has worked on have been pitched from second part of this series.

Are challenged with the full orchestration modulated in response to movement of agile animals this time. Again, it has become an up-tempo adventure game score of the principal brass fastball, if you have an animation full of the fun, arrangements have been made even comical, such as flamenco and jazz style.

Animation has become a soundtrack score also say the king of entertainment such as chorus also appeared in glittering beautiful melody becomes close to ending that combines exciting and suppleness of John Powell.

John is becoming a maestro of animation, such as composer now working on the most, such as "Shrek," "Happy Feet," "Kung Fu Panda" as the first series of this work, the CG animated hit in recent years large Powell, but I feel like I want to listen to the music of live-action action-adventure adrenaline complete recovery, such as "Jason Bourne" series will soon have listened to this score and ·.

There is also a theme in this film Song of Songs 2 In addition to the score by John Powell.

People who are in charge of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaju and "Chasing the Sun" of the pop group The Wanted in the UK, the voice of the character singing "We Are Family is ".

Does not suit in this film that takes place in the ice age with two songs, has become a state-of-the-art electro-dance-pop is a refreshing light.

The Dark Knight rises: movie review

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The Dark Knight rises

There is more than fair share of discussion about the finale of the trilogy, "Batman" in Christopher Nolan certainly, "The Dark Knight Rises" - but much of it, and the movie itself does not matter. Because it is one of the best superhero movies, it's such a pity.

"Paprika", "Inception" King  is despite the fact that Satoshi Kon's animated classic that it is a blatant rip-off (unaccredited) in the second half, Christopher Nolan is a big fan. To become a super hero when he worked Nolan Batman, and was the perfect choice to bring a different style to superhero film was the best choice. The Academy may have screwed Nolan not nominate either of the first two of a trilogy (which is legendary bias against their relevant SF or fantasy, nothing) Best Picture, it is that You can change the facts of the Nolan Batman film is not, perhaps the most dark, which is the most subtle adaptation of superhero comics so far.

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The Dark Knight rises
It was great all along the topic at DKR as a film, distraction, began even before it was released. In fact forget the fact that Romney useful that was written a long film before it becomes a candidate for his party, that has been a bane - We are the presence of Bain, liberal to Mitt Romney smear as the villain in the first printing of almost 20 years off of the radio personality had a particular thing is a plot was suggested that a Batman. Then, far more seriously, Aurora tragic events in Colorado. Although some are trying to propose guilt-by-association for DKR here, it is stupid - just action of a madman crazy a reflection is not on the film he was using as a place staging of him.

But, for me, after it took place in Colorado, almost impolite to talk about the first movie itself - but that impulse is incorrect. I think I will go down as one of the highlights of the superhero genre that this film, and deserves to be told in its own right. It features one of the scary screen villains, it is one grittiest, most ruthless action movie you will see, it is implied meaning of character and political commentary has been packed.

I think that rail is focused on the fire of those on the target they were wrong If you want to conspiracy theorists "The Dark Knight Rises". There is no doubt that there in my mind that it is to go for one of the core themes Nolan, was charged with 1% - He is the real world are looking at as bleeding and dried to Gotham City and the corruption and greed villain. DKR are equipped with suspicious banking insider trading, stock manipulation and - along with the corrupt politicians and bad cop necessary.
 However, it is being manipulated by cynical Bain to mob bloodthirsty vigilante social blind to see that they are used it is also the fate of their obediently play the blame 99% of acceptance, we have provided. There is also some criticism about the need for state-of-the-art in order to find us the Patriot Act, the hero - and scapegoat.

Another attractive element, this is so Batman film without Nolan is that it is different in the movie - Bruce Wayne, more than half the time, which is off-screen, most of the rest, He is dressed in rags and prison suit rather than the bat suit. Batman is not a superpower except for the technology at the disposal of his body and his ability always has been between a man strange heroes. Sick of the world spend this Batman is treated him badly, did not recognize his heroic act, which is Bruce Wayne beaten. It is a fact that was itself Wayne assumed the role of the villain in order to devote the legacy of Harvey Dent is, of course, ignores, however, justice will be not there for he cannot.
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The Dark Knight rises
free movies download websites
The Dark Knight rises
You are equipped with a spectacular performance in the movie as expected, is - Nolan is the director of actors. Although we have come to rely on Christian Bale for Bruce Wayne sensitive yet brooding in his Gary Old man, the star again and (hero of the work in many ways) Commissioner Gordon once is. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the appearance was awarded as an idealistic young cop he might look over. However, the real revelation is Tom Hardy as Bane here. His towering presence dominates every scene to be displayed in. - The mask and his raspy voice of his grid, Bain of Hardy is a singular villain of the movie.

DKR is the first time that you hijacked airplane movie scene the first extension of other things to provide a spade is not forgotten, to be up, since there are no action scenes are some incredible. I shall either very different, especially Batman film was impressed by the scene of the prison of the third act of the movie.

 As a movie superhero of all, there is the story "The Dark Knight will rise" of human beings as much as possible, these scenes, which shows both the darkness and its restoration in the human mind. In addition, this is (especially if this one, at least 166 minutes) is a rare action films get better as it goes. The first act is the biggest weakness of the film, it is in the middle story of collecting the resonance and emotional momentum as the development it is a lull, I (is for your conclusions like runaway train on) is not to mess with it, there is no bearing.

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The Dark Knight rises
You hear any other DKR, make a decision based on the movie itself film going. And, generally smart and powerful movie or Batman superhero, comic, this should actually be displayed if you're a fan of you. 5 out of 5 stars I give this movie king . Academy will appear fit to respect it in the next year hopefully nominated for Best Film.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

For the initiated
As a twelve year old is Wes Anderson has fallen in love with a girl. It came upon the director, who was then scouting, out of the blue. He has never felt this way, he has never suffered so much. Not for nothing, it means that one is "crush". The Americans say "crush". That intensity of feeling, this unimaginable event of emotions, can hardly put into words. Not for nothing is director Wes Anderson and not a poet. If he lacks the words, the right photo for dramatic experience that he has all.

Precisely for this reason may be the latest film Moonrise Kingdom, the 65th of Edition of the Cannes Film Festival opened, as are the most personal work of the American. At first glance, everything is as usual. Without further ado you can see that it is the work of a bona fide Anderson. The camera moves without cutting through the rooms of a family home as if it were not for dolls and for people. Off screen is "A Young Person's Guide to Orchestra" and analyzed the structure of a piece of the New York Philharmonic under the baton of Leonard Bernstein. And there is like an orchestra of many groups of instruments, which all have their place, their rights and obligations, so too must the family members get along with each other to form a unit. This is the message of Moonrise Kingdom and it is the message of all Anderson films: Please bear with you.

Sam (Jared Gilman), the Boy Scouts, and Suzy (Kara Hayward), the sad-veträumte outsider, are both twelve. You fall in love and decide to escape from the world into the wilderness. But soon they all are on the trail. Sam's hot-tempered and martial Pathfinder colleagues, whose leader (Edward Norton), the police chief of the sleepy coastal town (Bruce Willis), and soon Suzy's neurotic parents (Francis McDormand and Bill Murray). And finally, even on an assertive social worker (Tilda Swinton) a.

Anderson, the script again to Moonrise Kingdom has written with his regular screenwriter Roman Coppola settled on its history in 1965. The submerged and the misty pale yellow tones in the images of the film are all referring to the autobiographical aspect of the story. Otherwise finds himself these incredible attention to detail that characterizes all Anderson films. Because of fishing hook earrings are crafted in tents escape holes are cut and built tree houses on absurdly high strains.

Dramatically, the movie has some weaknesses at first sight, just to end when a huge storm rears and anticipate the impending end of love seems to solve the conflict on almost everyone's satisfaction. In addition, overloaded very much on the shoulders of the two young actors. In contrast to the well-known Anderson-ensemble (Jason Schwartzman is also back with this) they have to reap the sympathy of the audience. Suzy and Sam are drawn far less neurotic and quirky than the rest and Gilman and Hayward are sometimes overwhelmed with the task clearly. But who can resist two hard Preteens love anyway? This is precisely the question that you have in the film. Why, everything in the world, all want to bring the two kids apart? Now, like so much to Anderson the answer to this rather simple: the raging nature, the angry fellow citizens are just projections of a child whose emotional world has come completely out of balance, and perhaps even feel it - so adult children are but then - that Fortunately this is possibly not last forever.

Moonrise Kingdom also has its weaknesses, which can not fail, and yet, Anderson portrays adolescent insecurities and fears with a keen sense of the absurd and fragile such a time. Surely this alone is not a mark of quality and far from a reinvention of the genre. But behind the ludicrous Stoik the performer, the melancholy-drenched music and addictive tracking shots and pans, distills the director of The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited is a driving desire that escapes are only rarely romantic kitsch. But they were forgiven him swerve, as the film is marked by a surprising honesty that reveals the desires and hopes of the characters ever.

And although the film in its playful, dreamy Zärte the escapist dreams of a Francois Truffaut recalls, Moonrise Kingdom is more of a work for the initiated, for members and converts the Wes Anderson-clubs. Anyone who has not entered into this universe of dysfunctional families, loved ones and prevent out grotesque humor deposits is slowed, which will be murdered by this film - or just plain bored. However, the whiners and the nose ends hulls Anderson detractors have to admit this time that the hermetic closure of his film world has now reached an impressive density and complexity.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D - the multi-platinum singer abducted from 23 August 2012, the audiences in her very colorful and crazy musical wonderland. KATY PERRY: PART OF ME is an explosive sugar rush away from the star and the very private, the chart success, the colorful and gaudy glitter gum Pops Shows. A unique experience for all music lovers, the dream of every fan, and Katy Perry is definitely a great pleasure for 3D enthusiasts!


The story of Katy Perry is like a picture book: The Power Girl seen on 25 October 1984 into the world and growing up as a well-kept child in California's Santa Barbara. The first contact with music, the pastor's daughter in the obligatory church choir of his father.

After the record label EMI / Capitol takes talented Frohnatur 2007 under Vertag, it lands soon after with her sassy girl-smoochy song "I Kissed A Girl" a huge hit and won her next single "Hot N Cold" music world. In no time become the likeable pop star into a pop culture phenomenon and is now an integral part of the charts.

KATY PERRY - the songwriter
The American singer-songwriter singing her first 2008 single "I Kissed a Girl" - and the audience liked it. The provocative song even climbed to the top of the U.S. and Australian charts. The subsequent short-office hit "Hot N Cold" was in Germany for eight weeks leaders of the top 10 and made the pastor's daughter to become an international pop star.

KATY PERRY PART OF ME, photo gallery

Still in the same year she hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards and won the award for Best Newcomer. With the number one hit single of their last Friday night, "wrote the American girl wonders of the 21st Century, then even music history: the first woman to succeed her, what had been done only Michael Jackson with his album "Bad": A total of five decoupled singles from her album "Teenage Dream" (2010) reached number one on the American charts ...

KATY PERRY - The Movie

KATY PERRY ... much more: 10 interesting facts
First Katy is never really gone to school, loves languages ​​and is self-taught, as she says herself.
Second During her childhood, was allowed in the '80 and '90, they neither hear pop music, or watch movies. In particular, the singer Madonna was strictly forbidden in the house of Perry. When Katy was with friends to visit, she was heard from afar call "power to MTV".
Third At 13, she played her guitar for the first time at a farmer's market in Santa Barbara and later in "Hotel Cafe" in Los Angeles as an acoustic act.
4th At the age of 17 she joined her first record deal (with Red Hill Records).
5th Their first album was released under the name "Katy Hudson". She changed her last name but then quickly to "Perry", because she was constantly confused with actress Kate Hudson. Perry is her mother's maiden name.
6th 2010 Katy marries actor and comedian Russell Brand. During the world tour is the divorce. These scenes are sad to see the movie. Katy said: "I have decided to show this side of my life, because it is a part of me that has shaped my life."
7th If aliens landed on earth, Katy hopes that they recognize the pop star, after all, she wrote a song called "offset".
8th If Katy is 80 years old, she would either live in Florida, riding a bicycle on the beach and chill out or just be like her grandmother. That's just turned 91 years young, lives alone, has a great memory cares, is not the talk of other people and is insanely funny. It also has the coolest outfits. Katy's grandmother found the following descriptions for the superstar, "silly," "beautiful," "terrible" and "show-off". Katy finds her grandma "hilarious".
9th For the computer game "Sims 2" Katy has the song "Hot N Cold" re-recorded and sung text in the language game "Simlish".

and 10 Katy hopes the audience with the film KATY PERRY: mitzugeben PART OF ME 3D is a positive message to yourself be true to yourself, never give up believing in his dreams and overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Katy said: "I hope that people will be inspired and encouraged to take their lives into their hands. I hope I can inspire them to do so because they do not have to change in order to achieve something. My message is this: Live a full life and reach your personal goals, no matter how big or small they may be. "

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Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles return with a play wrong, but too confused

Sacha Baron Cohen is a true provocateur. As such, gives rise to alternatively love and hate, depending on whether you like it or not the political incorrectness to the bitter end, worn as a dress was a bit 'kitsch to brag about. "The Dictator," the third film that the actor realizes the director of "Borat," Larry Charles, makes absolutely no exception: indeed, goes much further, even too much sometimes, to a cynical humor, brash and in the worst cases even infantile and disgusting.

Let me be clear, all is not to throw in this "The Dictator": first, the first hour is really funny. Cohen is histrionic in the role of Admiral General Aladeen, was dictator of North African Wadiya, a position he holds with ineptitude and total disregard for the lives of his subjects. But, basically, we find that Aladeen is still a child who has never really been loved and lonely. Cohen succeeds in spite of everything to make it funny, and Charles winks more than once to "The Great Dictator" Chaplin, however, overturning the tables in a final sequence that distorts the meaning of the speech to the nations of Charlie Chaplin .

Very well-aimed gags (Aladeen unintentionally frightening the tourists, the wall of shame on which the dictator keeps Polaroids of those are brought to bed) alternate with others that leave people indifferent, but all in all have fun. The script plays on the classical structure of the "hero's journey" to describe the awareness of the negative Aladeen, which, instead of learning to improve themselves, realizes that he wants to become "the greatest dictator of all." The moral of the story is very dark: the power to your head and who has not let it go.

Then, however, Charles Cohen and stomp on the accelerator and vulgarity free on provocation's sake, and lose the compass. No category was spared: African, Chinese, feminists, they all end up in the meat grinder. The result is a film confused and superficial, in which any hopes of complaint - not only against extremism, but also to the Western system - inevitably ends up losing effectiveness.


Journey into human psychology in the background of the tragedy of the Gulag. Peter Weir directs

Only a director from patronizing pat for all mankind such as Peter Weir could succeed. Making The Way Back issues using mammoth not exactly original - the struggle against nature and humanity, despite staying the hell of the Gulag - without the blockbuster budget and still obtain a good movie and a credible collective fresco.

How he succeeded Mr. Weir? Based on the novel by Slavomir Rawicz, between us and liberty (edited by Corbaccio) - based on real events - and telling the journey to the freedom of seven escaped from a Siberian Gulag, headed by the official Polish Janusz (Jim Sturgess). Seven thousand kilometers for survival are the perfect material to bring out the complexity of human nature in its essence, the privileged object of the work of Australian director. Hardship, fatigue, hunger, learns to invest in the group after the isolation of prison, where the challenge for survival is individual and not collective. What saved this piece of humanity, something could still save it? Altruism, the desire for freedom, the power of the pack and, paradoxically, the humor embodied by the character of Zoran (Dragos Bucur).

The director, as the first floors of Truman Burbank in The Truman Show and paraphrasing the creative act, the characters trapped by narrowing the space in which they work to the detriment of the action. What emerges is a pure distillation of genuine feelings and incredibly realistic.

The Way Back, due out June 6, is distributed by 01 Distribution.


The amazing Spider Man

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The amazing Spider Man
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The amazing Spider Man
Peter Parker is seven years old when his parents abandon him because of a terrible secret. Ten years after high school outcast and a rebel, raised by loving uncles Ben and May, and will try to reconstruct what has happened to his father Richard, finding the key to understand himself in an attempt to explain the feeling of loneliness that belongs. Reflected in the large pair of spectacles father, Peter falls in love reciprocated the beautiful and intelligent classmate Gwen Stacy, and investigating the mystery of his own childhood come to Oscorp and the laboratory of Dr. Connors: Here is bitten by a spider, giving rise to the legend that will forever change his life and that of the inhabitants of New York.

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The amazing Spider Man

When it was announced the reboot of Spider-Man director Marc Webb, has been discussed as the author of the independent film "500 Days" could reconcile his vocation for the romantic comedy niche with the expectations of lovers cartoon, or even worse, the previous trilogy by Sam Raimi. What was not taken into account, however, is that the former specialist in music videos have been able to exploit his penchant for humor and sentiment recreating from scratch a lot closer to the original Peter Parker than the star of Raimi, in perfect accordance with the school Spidey comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and each quite capable of grasping the essential point of the masked hero's heart. "The amazing Spider-Man" (in 3D) thus brings a nice jolt of news with him.

For starters, you'll immediately notice some fundamental differences with the old film, a Mary Jane completely absent, replaced here by Peter's first love, Gwen Stacy, the fact that the latter fall in love with the boy rather than the mask, on the contrary the red for what we had learned to sympathize with a beautiful Kirsten Dunst. In this regard, no tears: Emma Stone is an extraordinary actress and beautiful as well, which has now shown many times to know how to fall in roles as diverse: see examples of the ironic "Easy girl" or moving "The help ", where he manages to make room on the side while having a cast of true movie stars. The size of the sentimental "The amazing Spider-Man", of course, becomes important enough to be at the center of the story of Parker, if anything, even more than Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, nevertheless, gives evidence of Webb incredible sensitivity in his film to give a touch of true classicism, that in a couple of scenes that perfect respectfully recalls working machine built by Sam Raimi in his first chapter - the chapter that now, in some ways, is even better than this reboot being tested. To add more news to come, however, the context of significant action scenes, a little 'thanks to the latest 3D technology, a little' thank the wonderful shots of New York was attacked by John Schwartzman (Oscar nominee for " Seabiscuit - a timeless myth ").

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The amazing Spider Man
free movies download
The amazing Spider Man
Andrew Garfield, leader of the new faces of Hollywood along with the Stone, is an apt choice in full, an actor can control the irony of a character both epic and dramatic, with a physique as nervous and charismatic, and a virtually unique in its natural facial expression. And it's really amazing how he can juggle the young sufferer of "Do not leave me" Peter Parker and a teenager who loves to go skate, especially if we think it is under 29 years. The remaining cast, as you might expect it to happen, improvised character actor to make room for two players: Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field of all the secondary characters are a carousel capable of giving each his own contribution to the film , which appears in all haste in one or two turning points (the transformation of Peter in watchful, for example, or that of Dr. Connors in crime), but enjoys absolute promptness in inaugurating a new era of actors, as well as a new way to make good cinema.


Pixar returns with an intimate tale and fun, spectacular and deeply feminist

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Naomi rebel speaks the voice of Italian songs from "Brave"

Who said anything about fantasy? Every time Pixar comes out with a new film, expectations are raised more and more, and "Rebel - The Brave" promised to be not only the first Pixar film with a female protagonist, but also the first fantasy produced by the company John Lasseter.

While the promise of women's history has been preserved, the other can also erase from your mind the word "fantasy", for "Brave" is a fairy tale. The film by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman shares very few atmospheres and impressions from the world of "The Lord of the Rings" and company, but it abandons the tendency adventure at all costs in order to tell a story far more intimate and human. In this case, that of a teenage rebellion and the relationship of a daughter with her mother. From the initial disagreements we arrive at mutual understanding and the classic "And they all lived happily ever after." But, as always with Pixar, is the path to count more than the goal.
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A path made up of elements more familiar than others, much more original films of the Firm. There is a reckless young man who expresses desire unforeseeable consequences. There is a race against time to "mend" the whole thing and put an end to the curse. And then there are the great landscapes and the emphasis on the spectacle of the staging and songs typical of the classic Disney films. But the originality, though better concealed, is still present in the way is dotted Princess Merida, that instead of the usual damsel in distress in search of Prince Charming is a strong girl, determined, clever and independent. While gay men are rowdy drinkers, women hold in their hands the destiny of the world, and in this sense "Rebel - The Brave" is a strong feminist.

Everything is packaged with a skill and an aesthetic taste that make "Brave" the most visually amazing films ever produced by Pixar. Just a glance at the thick red hair of Merida to understand how much care has been taken in the details, but it is also easy to get lost in the beauty of the lush vegetation of Scotland. Sometimes, as long as the characters enter the scene, you'll hardly realize you are facing a cartoon. And since the film is primarily a visual art, even if the story of "Rebel - The Brave" is not among the most unforgettable, her dazzling beauty pulls, and moves and says a thousand words.
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"Rebel - The Brave", due out Sept. 5, is distributed by The Walt Disney Company Italy. Here you can see the trailer.

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Ted (2012)

Ted (2012)
Ted (2012)

When John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) was a little boy, he found no friends and had to play all alone. One Christmas morning, this lonely boy got a teddy bear that was once his best friend. And because Christmas was also his greatest wish was fulfilled, namely the one that "Ted" - the name of the bear - could speak. The teddy bear (voiced by Seth McFarlane) chatted, became the "Thunder-buddy" who is always there, out there when it smelled, and the media sensation.

Today, many years later, the sensation that time has become a forgotten figure. Ted still lives with John, but will slowly become a problem in his relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis). The 35-year-old John must now decide whether he wants to continue to be head of the child with a teddy bear or to molt into a man. Only when love is in the balance, John begins to act. Ted is to find an apartment and get a job. But the times do, as a teddy bear that has no idea of ​​manners and decency...

Movie rating
Ted (2012) 
Seth McFarlane is not only the director of the new comedy Ted, but also the "father" of Family Guy, with whom he continues to celebrate huge success. He's speaking the main character, Peter Griffin, which explains why the title character in Ted occurs as well-known. Even here, McFarlane says the title role. In his first feature film, he takes us through 105 fun, cheeky, silly and at times hard to digest minutes.

The story was actually a very normal little love story that really gets through the appearance of the teddy bear drive. The animated bear is the "hero" of the film, and it gives him any freedom. There is swearing, obscene moves and beaten, all with active participation of the plush toy. Especially the fight with Mark Wahlberg almost alone the price of admission is worth it. And if not then drop the sayings and Mila Kunis flutters her eyes, then you are simply lost. Should we now laugh out loud when the bear smoking hookahs and women anbaggert? Or you are annoyed by this nonsense, because that is offered?
Unfortunately, the film also has some background noise to be absorbed. Thus the narrative with Giovanni Ribisi is unfortunately not funny, and romantic moments may not really fit into the rough life of the special teddy bear.

In terms of actor director McFarlane relies on proven strength. Mila Kunis and Patrick Warburton are speakers in Family Guy, and Mark Wahlberg has proven not only in The Other Guys or Date Night, that he can be quite funny. His version of the theme song from Octopussy is terrific. The biggest coup is successful with the signing of Sam J. Jones - the Flash Gordon, who could then make out with Ornella Muti. His role here? Grin and look yourself...

Quite that way we can get even Tom Skerritt and singer Norah Jones to see. And Patrick Stewart is heard in the original version as a narrator.
Ted (2012)

May those who love Family Guy, Ted is also - quite simple: Conclusion. The humor is similar, the votes are there anyway. Allowed to laugh a lot, even if not ignite all the jokes and the level of concern falls almost in between. Nevertheless, great entertainment is guaranteed. We promise!

Ted (2012)
Ted (2012)

Ted (2012)
Ted (2012)

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" Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted “With a swing to

Peaceful coexistence of two competitors: the "Alien" prequel "Prometheus" is attracting the adult action fans, while "Madagascar 3" of the film of choice for families. Both start strong in the U.S. cinemas. In Germany, stalks, "Snow White and the Huntsman" past "Men in Black 3".
First the winner of the week

Even though actually only a movie can be the number one - the people are behind both big-budget reboot of the Week satisfied: there are two winners!

The animated film "Madagascar 3" jumps to the top of U.S. box office with takings of 60.4 million dollars. He remains just behind the second part of the series from 2008 and is the restarting of the fourth-best year. This time the zoo erupted in Europe are on the road, where they join a traveling circus. In Germany, the work starts from the DreamWorks studio until early October.
Behind the family film but was also "Prometheus" at the box office sales of over $ 50 million - even though the film is classified as "R", fans can see him, then under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Director Ridley Scott presents "Prometheus," a prequel to his own sci-fi classic "Alien", play starring Naomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. Germany starts on 9 August.

Second the loser of the week

Two restarts were so strong the previous weeks, number one, of course, no chance. Sales fell 59 percent from the start to the weekend for the Snow White adaptation "Snow White and the Huntsman." There were $ 23 million - making the film failed with "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, just under the hundred-million mark.

Third the number of weekly

$ 400 million - so much has recorded after 80 days in the American cinema the best-selling film "The Hunger Games" ("The Hunger"). Thus, the anti-utopia is the second most successful film of the year - for "The Avengers".


First the winner of the week

"Snow White and the Huntsman" - the fairy tale film adaptation starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth as the Queen as a hunter is the fairest of them all ... or at least the most popular. 248 000 people watched, according to Media Control, the new version of the Grimm's fairy tale and made it according to the industry journal "Focus on Film" 2.0 million Euros in the box office.
Second the loser of the week

Even more money is 2,3 million Euro, played on the weekend of the spy movie "Men In Black 3" - still had Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones after two weeks, the peak position due to the box office. Because they had a few spectators with 244 000 fewer than "Snow White", which had, however, because the 3-D supplement on average spend more money per movie ticket.

And which movie deserves a second chance?

"Germany from above." The documentary by Petra Höfer and Freddie Röckenhaus impressed with spectacular aerial shots. Of the islets to the Zugspitze, he brings her country closer to the Germans - 21,000 wanted to see which "Germany from above" just missed the top ten box office.