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KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D - the multi-platinum singer abducted from 23 August 2012, the audiences in her very colorful and crazy musical wonderland. KATY PERRY: PART OF ME is an explosive sugar rush away from the star and the very private, the chart success, the colorful and gaudy glitter gum Pops Shows. A unique experience for all music lovers, the dream of every fan, and Katy Perry is definitely a great pleasure for 3D enthusiasts!


The story of Katy Perry is like a picture book: The Power Girl seen on 25 October 1984 into the world and growing up as a well-kept child in California's Santa Barbara. The first contact with music, the pastor's daughter in the obligatory church choir of his father.

After the record label EMI / Capitol takes talented Frohnatur 2007 under Vertag, it lands soon after with her sassy girl-smoochy song "I Kissed A Girl" a huge hit and won her next single "Hot N Cold" music world. In no time become the likeable pop star into a pop culture phenomenon and is now an integral part of the charts.

KATY PERRY - the songwriter
The American singer-songwriter singing her first 2008 single "I Kissed a Girl" - and the audience liked it. The provocative song even climbed to the top of the U.S. and Australian charts. The subsequent short-office hit "Hot N Cold" was in Germany for eight weeks leaders of the top 10 and made the pastor's daughter to become an international pop star.

KATY PERRY PART OF ME, photo gallery

Still in the same year she hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards and won the award for Best Newcomer. With the number one hit single of their last Friday night, "wrote the American girl wonders of the 21st Century, then even music history: the first woman to succeed her, what had been done only Michael Jackson with his album "Bad": A total of five decoupled singles from her album "Teenage Dream" (2010) reached number one on the American charts ...

KATY PERRY - The Movie

KATY PERRY ... much more: 10 interesting facts
First Katy is never really gone to school, loves languages ​​and is self-taught, as she says herself.
Second During her childhood, was allowed in the '80 and '90, they neither hear pop music, or watch movies. In particular, the singer Madonna was strictly forbidden in the house of Perry. When Katy was with friends to visit, she was heard from afar call "power to MTV".
Third At 13, she played her guitar for the first time at a farmer's market in Santa Barbara and later in "Hotel Cafe" in Los Angeles as an acoustic act.
4th At the age of 17 she joined her first record deal (with Red Hill Records).
5th Their first album was released under the name "Katy Hudson". She changed her last name but then quickly to "Perry", because she was constantly confused with actress Kate Hudson. Perry is her mother's maiden name.
6th 2010 Katy marries actor and comedian Russell Brand. During the world tour is the divorce. These scenes are sad to see the movie. Katy said: "I have decided to show this side of my life, because it is a part of me that has shaped my life."
7th If aliens landed on earth, Katy hopes that they recognize the pop star, after all, she wrote a song called "offset".
8th If Katy is 80 years old, she would either live in Florida, riding a bicycle on the beach and chill out or just be like her grandmother. That's just turned 91 years young, lives alone, has a great memory cares, is not the talk of other people and is insanely funny. It also has the coolest outfits. Katy's grandmother found the following descriptions for the superstar, "silly," "beautiful," "terrible" and "show-off". Katy finds her grandma "hilarious".
9th For the computer game "Sims 2" Katy has the song "Hot N Cold" re-recorded and sung text in the language game "Simlish".

and 10 Katy hopes the audience with the film KATY PERRY: mitzugeben PART OF ME 3D is a positive message to yourself be true to yourself, never give up believing in his dreams and overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Katy said: "I hope that people will be inspired and encouraged to take their lives into their hands. I hope I can inspire them to do so because they do not have to change in order to achieve something. My message is this: Live a full life and reach your personal goals, no matter how big or small they may be. "

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