Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift

In the movie American Summer came back CG Anime Series also popular here. And four bullet of the series, the power-up is 3D "Ice Age: Continental Drift".

The stage of the Ice Age series, Mammoth Manny Sid Diego who, of sloth, saber-Tiger to be active. This is a new adventure unfolds as aiming the New World aboard the ice.

Music by John Powell has worked on have been pitched from second part of this series.

Are challenged with the full orchestration modulated in response to movement of agile animals this time. Again, it has become an up-tempo adventure game score of the principal brass fastball, if you have an animation full of the fun, arrangements have been made even comical, such as flamenco and jazz style.

Animation has become a soundtrack score also say the king of entertainment such as chorus also appeared in glittering beautiful melody becomes close to ending that combines exciting and suppleness of John Powell.

John is becoming a maestro of animation, such as composer now working on the most, such as "Shrek," "Happy Feet," "Kung Fu Panda" as the first series of this work, the CG animated hit in recent years large Powell, but I feel like I want to listen to the music of live-action action-adventure adrenaline complete recovery, such as "Jason Bourne" series will soon have listened to this score and ·.

There is also a theme in this film Song of Songs 2 In addition to the score by John Powell.

People who are in charge of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaju and "Chasing the Sun" of the pop group The Wanted in the UK, the voice of the character singing "We Are Family is ".

Does not suit in this film that takes place in the ice age with two songs, has become a state-of-the-art electro-dance-pop is a refreshing light.

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