Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Movie review: "Iron Sky"

To clarify one immediately:
Yes - I like it well done trash movies (Troma, Toho, Colman, etc) and I stand by it!

Therefore, it is certainly not surprising for my that "Iron Sky" is interesting, since I have seen the 2008 first teaser. After "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning" I had looked at it was very excited to see what would make the director of a "real" budget.

My wish was actually going to a sneak preview. But as so often is, for that matter, the Ruhr backwater. The next would have been in Munster, but go to the movie for an hour back, so just to be home at 04:00 and the next day to work, it would have been a bit much. So I could see the film until Thursday evening. The rush must have been in greater than expected, because he was in another movie as on Monday, was announced in advance and the hall was sold out!

For the actual movie:
I try to keep spoilers back, but still:
! Spoiler Warning! -! Spoiler warning! -! Spoiler warning! -! Spoiler warning!

After the disappointments of the last admissions my expectations were very high on this film. Mixed with the fear that if this film could still be bad ... Because then I would see black for the cinema


But ... the movie is not lost; thanks to Timo Vuorensola there is still hope!
Who has a right-glorifying propaganda film or a plate-Nazi comedy like "U-900" or "My Guide" is expected to clear the wrong movie ?
The whole thing is a biting social criticism comedy in which everyone gets (except for the Finns) to be fat. Above all, the U.S. and the Western world ... actually the whole world In UN (that is not all the same?) Is the target of biting, ironic, sarcastic jokes? If you socially critical for such a wacky comedy, sarcastic, ironic sci-fi use, it is clear that it is not clear of the mainstream, because it this way of thinking or viewing angle can not or will not understand. But with the nerds and geeks of the world to meet the zeitgeist.
- Behaves not everyone thinks or career politicians like the President?
- Is not PR people really do not care what they sell as they bring the main thing it to the man?
- The astronaut is not selected for "qualification", but according to media effects.

Furthermore, the film lives of its cross-references itigen nerd, quotations and allusions.
- "I have a bad feeling."
- "I can fly a UFO, I have all the parts of" Wing Commander "played out."
- "Football Fight" from the "Flash Gordon" OST I think I have heard.
- Once again the United States access to "Ride of the Valkyries" to.
- An allusion to "How Star Wars Episode IV Should Have Ended"
To name a few, are probably in the whole movie yet hundreds more hidden.

Some criticism must unfortunately be: Some of the actors have a little wooden / stiff played. The Space-Fight against the twilight of the gods could have been longer. But I think that's small stuff compared to the positive result.

For me personally, "Iron Sky" is the best film of the last 2-3 years.
And so my opinion about the film industry has been increased somewhat, perhaps it is indeed still a good movie in 2012. In addition, I now have a reason to buy me in half a year, a BlueRay player.

Whoever is of the opinion that "South Park" series is the best social criticism, it is well done and trash with a message like that is like "Iron Sky".
Timo Vuorensola has what it takes to be a combination of Quentin Tarantino and develop the young Roland Emmerich. I hope he retains his fanboy-Spirit. In any case, I am looking forward to his next film, this time with me personally as part of the crowd.

A question to me:
Where were the UN meeting room and in the battle actually the Germans? Or did I miss that?

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