Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jesus Henry Christ with Toni Collette and Michael Sheen - first trailer

you are nothing but a test tube filled with sperm. Interesting definition of a father. Still, that said Henry's mother (Toni Collette) ends in Jesus Henry Christ as the search of her son after his father, an old love affair with his mother. This is not only for his father (Michael Sheen) is a shock.
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Jesus Henry Christ

Henry James Herman (Jason Spevack) is very intelligent for his mere 10 years. He has taken up the banner to reveal all the truth; to every question, he knows the answer. Not only one - who is his father, Finally, Henry was conceived in a test tube, and even his mother has no idea who the sperm donor. So Henry embarks on a quest for his father and encounters an incredible coincidence. Now there is a first trailer for Jesus Henry Christ, wrote the screenplay to Dennis Lee, and has directed.

 A theatrical release for the film has been fixed yet.

Henry James Herman (Jason Spevack) is anything but a normal boy. In school, it seems to him as if he were born to be an outsider, because the children can sometimes extremely gifted and precocious Henry just do not understand. Aversion is they're a natural consequence. Henry's intellect goes with his young 10 years so far, that he writes his own manifestos and essays about the nature of truth. In addition to his academic interest, only child plagued the young but also a very personal question: Who is my real father? Against the wishes of his mother (Toni Collette), the boy decides to find his real father making and finds that it resulted from a sperm donation. Fortunately, the seed bank hired him to help find its source and will find it. When he confronted his unsuspecting father, then he puts the lives of his family and his father, who already has a daughter on the head.

According to "The Kids Are Alright" now is the next son of man in search of his biological father, an anonymous sperm donor, with the help of 10-year-old Henry James Herman was originally conceived in a Petri dish ... Henry's mother is a staunch feminist who has since raising her son alone.

But Henry is generally different times the same age as the other boys, highly intelligent, he is concerned at this tender age to be with philosophical questions about the meaning of life and writes manifestos about the importance of truth. This includes - much to the chagrin of his mother - even when asked about his father ...
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Jesus Henry Christ

Somehow I think this trailer very sympathetic, and the fact that Toni Collette and Michael Sheen is with the front of the camera, I see, of course, also positive.
Broadcast is a German does not, I suppose not even that comes in theaters here, but maybe you can reserve the time for a DVD night.

Here is the trailer:

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