Monday, April 9, 2012

"American Reunion" was like a real class reunion!

After a gap of almost nine years, the most American Pie Gang finally back on the big screen. In the latest film of the franchise, the boys and girls see in their quiet hometown again to tackle the first big high school reunion. There was between the last and the most recent strip such a long period of time, it was not only for the characters in the film a truly exciting reunion, but also for the actor is an absolute experience.

Celebrity flash for you, the artists met in Berlin, where they were all of one mind - namely that the reunion on the set almost felt like a real reunion. Actress Tara Reid Vicky (36) even had a few jitters before the first meeting: "The first time we really were all together again, was the common sense test for this film. I was really nervous at seeing everyone. I asked myself, 'Can we still suffer? What are all of them? Is it good - the chemistry is still there ? However, once we began to read aloud, the magic came back and I was like, 'Yeah! It happened again! '"And just this feeling of joy, it is so, which accounts for a reunion with old friends from school. "It has felt to me like my high school class reunion. For it were really so many years now and I could totally live out my fantasy of this event. That was more than the art would imitate life. It was kind of crazy'

However, the lords of creation could be a comforting feeling this way brings a reunion with escape, not, like Oz Starring Chris Klein (33) said in an interview. "Many years have passed, people live their lives and they cross each other just from time to time. We have made these first films together and became friends. We have shared these wonderful experiences together. Then we split up and made a lot of different projects have come back to this film and it was really exciting to come back and work with everyone here. "

Especially, it was noticeable, however, for the troops that such friendships change after so many years, hardly. Eddie Kaye Thomas (31), which was personified in the film Paul Finch looks to the "American Pie" beginnings actually, only a minimal difference, as he told celebrity flash a grin: "I think our friendship - as it is in the movie - has remained exactly the same and that was really interesting for our own farewell as an actor. The dynamic between us was not exactly the same as then, 1998th But we have got much bigger trailer! "

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