Sunday, April 15, 2012

Million loss on "John Carter" Disney's monster-flop

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The sci-fi spectacle should be Disney's answer to "Avatar," but it proves to be a financial disaster. "John Carter" flopped, write off the bulk of the $ 350 million invested, the company. The amazing thing is that all have been previously suspected.

For Disney, the flop of his sci-fi adventure "John Carter" to the financial debacle. The film will enter the current quarter, according to company expected an operating loss of $ 200 million. For Disney's film studio division which subsequently means an operating loss of 80 to 120 million dollars in the first quarter. Overall, Disney has invested about 350 million dollars in the project - of which $ 100 million alone in the marketing.

The numbers are even more depressing, is launched as the first film in the week before last. The commercial failure, however, had already hinted in advance. The Blockbuster in business are usually very well informed "Los Angeles Times" reports that are already exporting the results of market research on the lack of public interest.
The reviews tend to be disappointing should have done the rest. Analysts were expecting difficult even before the announcement of the Disney numbers with a decline of up to 165 million dollars. That the loss is so high now turns out, even for experts in the industry as a surprise.

So the movie started even worse than expected. Experience the adventure of the book "Tarzan" creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, in which it breath away a soldier from the American Civil War to Mars, had the movie-goers, especially in the U.S., largely cold. Even on the opening weekend of the film only played about 30 million dollars and was not even half as many viewers as the animated film "Lorax". By this time, it was clear that Disney is losing money heavily. The following week continued, "John Carter" at the U.S. box office just 13.5 million dollars to.
Prior to start criticism directed at

Outside the U.S. interest in the film was a bit bigger - played a total of "John Carter" $ 184 million worldwide to date one. However, the film would have been estimated by experts at around $ 600 million to take nearly twice the cost, so Disney is on the black. For a rule of thumb is that about half of the proceeds will remain with the cinema.

This Disney had set very high expectations for "John Carter", at best, the leaders hoped to do a similar amount of success, as it was 20th Century Fox in 2009 with "Avatar" celebration. The studio hired director Andrew Stanton, who was previously with great success at Pixar "Finding Nemo" and "Wall-E" was celebrated - both computer-animated films.

"John Carter" was the first real film of the 46-year-old Stanton, who had to suffer because of the extremely disastrous polls before the start of criticism. Anonymous studio executives told Hollywood reporters that the novice in this business not to Stanton marketing experts heard and to have torn a lot of control over the film itself.

Disney fourth-flop within a short time

In a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview, Stanton countered recently. The sole blame for the flop, he pointed - albeit cautiously - of himself: "In addition, the management at Disney have seen the screen test; they would have to intervene at any time."

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