Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snow White (Mirror Mirror) - Preview Review

After the demise of our beloved king, the wicked wife takes control of the kingdom and take the beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, imprisoned in the palace. But when the princess turns 18, sneaking out of the castle, meets (and winning) a fascinating and rich prince of passage. The Queen, in a fit of jealousy, sends the girl to the nearby forest because it is fed into the terrible beast that terrorizes the kingdom. Snow White, believed dead, finds refuge with a friendly gang of rebels and the Seven Dwarfs generous, which help you to find the courage to fight to save his country from the Wicked Queen. Along with his new friends, Snow White part of regaining the throne that is rightfully and heart of her beloved Prince.

In recent months there has been much talk of re-reading of the eternal tale of Snow White by Tarsem (who in the titles of her latest movie has waived the surname Singh). More than anything, he has spoken with skepticism and even, in some cases, very bad. And yes, frankly, a bit we were also prevented us. A little because the last time Hollywood is definitely abusing the girl "with hair black as ebony, skin white as snow and lips as red as blood" star of European folk tale handed down to posterity by the brothers Grimm (will be on screens in a few months the dark adaptation Snow White and the Hunter, while the television series Once Upon a Time is nearing the end of the first season, gaining some success). A little because the comic-adventure reinterpretation had chosen by the director of Indian origin, exacerbated in misleading trailer, had left us quite a bit confused ... We are pleased to be able to say I changed their minds.

Snow White (very unfortunate that the most original English title is gone lost in translation!) Is a great product for families, with some flaw but with many advantages? Lightweight and fabulous, colorful, ironic and funny, with the right amount of romance and magic. Of course, we are all fond of the Disney classic from 1937, but I am convinced that - even by departing (not least!) From history that we all know - this modern Snow White will capture a good part of the public.

The film opens with a beautiful sequence in computer graphics, an exquisitely dreamlike prologue that summarizes the historical background: the birth of the princess, her mothers death, the remarriage of the father with his beautiful stepmother, the disappearance of the beloved King ... and throws us immediately into the charming setting of the story, the day of the 18 th anniversary of Snow White. Lily Collins does not work at all in the guise of gentle and courageous protagonist, but also promote. Is guilty of poor expression, but well embodies the innocence and simplicity of a teenager growing only within the walls of the building, which will eventually become emancipated heroine.

A work perfectly, however, is Julia Roberts in the role of the wicked, crazy, eccentric Wicked Queen. In this version of history, the Queen is not just a second lead, but the real star. Not jealous of her stepdaughters beauty (and how could it? Even had a distorting mirror in her hands ...) but of his youth, as well as the undeniable influence that seems to have the beautiful Snow White Prince. Prince (in this version bamboccione all brawn and little brain) that the Queen would want for themselves, rich toy-boy for whom it is ready to undergo exhilarating beauty treatments based on bird droppings, wasp stings and scorpion venom. So as not to succumb to the inexorable passage of time (or the bankrupt) the fairest of them all does not hesitate to resort to magic ... with improbable, hilarious results. Armie Hammer seems to have much fun in the role of the fascinating subject ... man and I think the female audience will appreciate.

in the role of the cowardly minions of the Queen, an experience that will touch Kafkaesque, but the real surprise of this are the seven dwarfs Snow White ipercromatico. Forget picks and mines ... the seven little men eke out a living doing the robbers, stealing from the rich ... without giving to the poor. Despite its small size, they are the real men and real heroes of history.

The stunning costumes by Eiko Ishioka, who died prematurely, last January, are candidates as of now, the Oscars 2013. Estrosi, opulent, extravagant, bold and full of personality. Also wonderful scenery, all of the cottage on the water where the Queen meets his alter-ego in the mirror.

Two major weaknesses of the film, which weigh on the final judgment: the terrible beast lurking in the woods and music piece on the end credits. First, because - despite the original design and oriental - is made of really bad (it almost has the impression that, after giving the entire fund budget for special effects and visuals of the first part of the film, has gone to save money ... ). The second because it is neither meat nor fish and is totally free. It would have been preferable if Tarsem had dared to the end and we had given a final sequence visionary and kitsch Bollywood-style, instead of stopping half way full of I would but I can not.

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