Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Robert Pattinson got hold role in the sequel of "Cosmopolis"

Director David Cronenberg (70) will cooperate with Hokkywood star Robert Pattinson (26). So Pattinson has now got a role and his new film "Map To The Stars". The film is supposed to be the successor of the movie "Cosmopolis".

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

Image: Tom Sorensen
The 26-year-old will again take on the role of billionaire Eric Packer in "Map To The Stars". "The Hollywood Reporter" reported that in the continuation of the dream occupation will not change. Thus, also actress Sarah Gadon (26) is again assume the role of Elise Shifrin.
What is new is that the Golden Globe winner Julianne Moore (52) and actor John Crusack (46) with it this time. Cronenberg will of course take over the government. In addition, the company Prospero Pictures and producer Martin Katz will be at his side.

Bruce Wagner, the screenwriter of "Map To The Stars" described the story as a dark thriller in the comic look. Apparently the film is set in Los Angeles. Is rumored to be a ghost story and an indie drama. Details about the plot but are not yet known. For Robert Pattinson and his castmates to start filming in July and then it will go to Toronto.

Robert's girlfriend Kristen Stewart's new film project would not like it because it has retired recently from the movie thriller project "Focus", according to insiders to have more time for Robert.

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