Monday, April 22, 2013

Alexander Siddig in "Kidnapped in Damascus"

A father is fighting against arbitrariness and corruption in an authoritarian country: ZDF shows 22 April 2013, 22.00 clock, the Canadian-South African film "Kidnapped in Damascus" as a free-TV premiere. Director Ruba Nadda directed the thriller starring Alexander Siddig, Marisa Tomei, Joshua Jackson, Oded Fehr and many others.

Picture: ZDF / Fadia Nadda
Adib (Alexander Siddig), who left his home in Syria to Canada years ago. When he comes one day from work to home, expect him frightening news: His eldest daughter Muna (Jay Anstey) has gone without his permission to Damascus to get an idea about the origin of her father - and has now disappeared.
The immediately forges worried father plans to travel for the first time in thirty years back in his homeland. He uses channels that provide much information about his past: Adib was an officer in the Syrian intelligence when he came under suspicion of spying for Israel.

Through his flight abroad although he had to pull his head out of the loop, but also lost contact with loved ones in the home, on which he now - depends - in the hour of need. Of his former fiancée Fatima (Marisa Tomei), he receives the necessary help in Syria, although they still can not forgive him, that he sold without their knowledge abroad and all these years has not contacted her.

Both fall into the troubled country in a web of intrigue and dubious meet contemporaries such as the Canadian embassy staff Paul (Joshua Jackson) or the Syrian government servant Sayid (Oded Fehr). When the secret finally learns of the presence Adibs in Damascus, the chances of survival for his daughter fall dramatically. The desperate father must now mobilize all its forces and arm themselves in order to have a real chance to get his daughter out of the country alive.

Director Ruba Nadda, a Canadian with Syrian and Palestinian roots, staged with "Kidnapped in Damascus" her fifth film, and relit the fate of a Syrian immigrant, his past catches up to.

Unlike previous productions - as early as "Sabah" (2005) provides Nadda a Syrian woman in the foreground, which einhandelt by her love for a non-Muslim problems with her family - they waived this time on comedic elements in favor of an uncompromising thriller plot and shows very clearly the desperation of a man who wants to save the most important thing in his life: his child.

Actor Alexander Siddig, who plays Adib can fall back on "Kidnapped in Damascus" on his broad experience in the action genre: After appearances in several television series in his career (including "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), he is in especially with movies like "Doomsday" or "Clash of the Titans" on the big screen to see the last few years.

Generally, "Kidnapped in Damascus" relies on full-on action-competence, which the participation by Oded Fehr, who had his most famous roles in the films The Mummy and Resident Evil series, impressively confirmed.

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