Friday, May 11, 2012

Girl in Progress - The first trailer for the comedy drama with Eva Mendes

Summary & Details
The single mother Grace (Eva Mendes) has his hands full of her career, her affair with the married Hartford (Matthew Modine) and the education of their teenage daughter Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez) to reconcile. Ansiedad who desperately vying for the attention of her mother, brought up by her teacher, Ms. Armstrong (Patricia Arquette), the classic coming-to-age stories. Inspired by these stories, decides to skip Ansiedad growing up to adulthood and now his to go on. She is determined to start a new life without the help of her mother, who is busy at that time anyway due to their growing affection for her employee (Eugenio Derbez). Ansiedad plans with her loyal friend Tavita (Raini Rodrigues) the abbreviation for the existence of an adult, but as she unveils plan is misguided, must recognize both daughter and mother to grow up sometimes means to behave according to his age.

Grace (Eva Mendes) is a mother and single parent. They usually try to make ends meet and want to give her daughter Asiedad (Cierra Ramirez) must pay more attention. But one day decides to take their own lives Ansiedad in hand and without their mother ...

Patricia Riggen, the director of the film, which already "La misma Luna - When the moon appears, I think of" created. Hiram Martinez wrote the screenplay for "Girl in Progress."

The occupation is presented with Eva Mendes (Hitch - Der Date Doktor), Patricia Arquette (True Romance), Landon Liboiron (Altitude), Raini Rodriguez (The Forbidden Kingdom), Russell Peters (source code) and Eugenio Derbez (Jack and Jill) .

The production was "Girl in Progress" and others by Ben Odell, who also had "Chinese takeaway" produced.

For this film, now the first trailer has been released. And to see Eva Mendes in such a character is certainly interesting.

"Girl in Progress" will start on 27 April 2012 in the United States in the cinema.

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