Friday, May 4, 2012

First trailer for the mystery thriller "Meeting Evil," starring Samuel L. Jackson

Meeting Evil
the mysterious crime drama "Meeting Evil," directed by Chris Fisher, there is a first trailer. Luke Wilson plays an ill-fated man who meets a mysterious stranger (Samuel L. Jackson).

Samuel L. Jackson appears to be present everywhere, as long as he can pursue his passion as an actor. He is just as large blockbusters ("Marvel's The Avengers") to see how trashy and DVD productions ("Arena"). And for smaller theater productions, he finds time, as the crime-mystery-drama "Meeting Evil," directed by Chris Fisher ("S. Darko"). In it, he embodies a villain who goes to the disillusioned family man John, played by Luke Wilson ("Motel", "Blue Streak"). The mysterious stranger takes him on a journey full of violence and murder, the weak-John slowly transformed into desperate heroes who will do anything to protect his family ...

Start date in the U.S. for "Meeting Evil" is 4 May 2012, when the film seems to us, is not yet known.

Samuel L. Jackson personifies evil

in the new psychological thriller Meeting Evil Samuel L. Jackson may finally run once again as a villain. For the character played by Luke Wilson, however, this has no positive consequences. More on the bad experience it in the first trailer

there are some actors that I forgive you all just flops to assist them in every new movie repeatedly and again to wish success, simply because I love to see on the big screen. Samuel L. Jackson is one of those performers. In Pulp Fiction, he represented one of the coolest characters in film history, only to then always (vain?) To try to call again this needs to be. But who knows, maybe he succeeds in the psychological thriller Meeting Evil once again deliver a performance that movie fans around the world will remain in memory. The first trailer shows us Mr. Jackson at least once before with an iconic hat.

Meeting Evil is the film debut of director Chris Fisher and alongside Samuel L. Jackson Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb in the lead roles. Luke Wilson represents the recently unemployed broker John Fleton that makes random due to a breakdown of the acquaintance, played by Samuel L. Jackson character named Richie. The latter obviously has the ability to manipulate people for his purposes, and so John is involved in a Morderserie, whose purpose has been, however, lies in the dark. Clearly soon not only the welfare of others is at stake, but Fleton John and his family will inevitably be threatened by evil.
Meeting Evil

The first trailer for Meeting Evil varies qualitatively somewhere between a potentially excellent psychological thriller and a mediocre acting film that will find its way directly into the DVD shelves. As a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, of course, I would hope the former. At least in the U.S., Meeting Evil is but definitely in the movie theaters. On 4 May, the Americans must learn what is behind the mysterious plan of the hat-wearer. How and when Meeting Evil will be released in Germany, but so far unknown.
Meeting Evil

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