Thursday, February 16, 2012

free movies download for pc or stream in the stream with

After the District Court of Leipzig under the trials of has ruled that make the user liable to prosecution of illegal stream portals, many users are looking for legal alternatives to free movies download to watch online. These have been designed by the makers of aims to establish itself as a search engine and portal for legal streams. The film portal offers potential as an introduction to the world of legal streams.

The streaming portal was one of the biggest success stories in the German Internet. But success had a big catch: was illegal. The alleged operators were arrested. Some judgments have already spoken, other judgments be discussed in the context of the current and future processes even more.Inevitably, the judges of the district court had to deal in Leipzig, in this context but also with the question of whether the users have also made punishable by


So far, the use of pirated free movies download or streams was considered a legal gray zone. Processes, judgments and penalties against stream-user did not exist until today. The district court did not stop Leipzig clear that the user check the illegal streams, incurring a penalty. Many users are looking therefore at the moment for legal alternatives to free movies download  to watch online. Are legal alternatives to Co. and it certainly, if one takes into account the fact that current movies are not to be found there. But the search for the desired film is cumbersome and complicated. want to call it quits. as a legal alternative was founded by two students from Potsdam. The portal offers only legal content, functionality and principles are similar, but the illegal Thus, even with no hosted his own films. The site offers only links to existing movies from other providers. While put on this illegality, the makers of build, among other things on the media libraries of ARD and ZDF, MyVideo, Maxdome and video load. Currently over 90,000 videos on are listed.

Total support currently nine different video provider. All of these suppliers can be searched at once. Numerous filters facilitate the search for the video you want. For example, specify with a single click, whether movies, TV series or clips to be found. You can also filter by genre or portal. to establish itself as search engine and portal for legal streams. Since no other video portal currently has a comparable range, the prospects are good for this.

free movies download for pc with

Much of the material listed in video is free. The contents of Maxdome are partially charged, however. As you can disable the filter fee-based films. Alternatively, Maxdome remove completely. Having found a suitable video, at first appears a narrow beam, which, among other information about the content in short form, and distributes information to each site, at run time and the IMDB rating.

If you then click on the play button, it will be automatically redirected to the desired video (in a new tab). Since no own video offering, we are dependent on the film offer of scanned portals. It can be found quite correct Hollywood films with star players. Interestingly, the videos offered for fans of series or other television formats. Current movies are, however, is also looking at vain.

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